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With a staff of some thirty employees, including 4 field representatives and 7 in-house representatives, a fleet of seven trucks, facilities covering a total surface area of over 26,000 square feet, a showroom, and a practical parts counter, Empire—like no other—combines the advantages of a major distributor with those of a company that is much more human-scaled.

Personal and direct service, with a designated representative for each client

Since a trusted contact is the basis of any successful business relationship, we make it a point of principle to understand your needs and their unique characteristics, and to provide you with direct access to an experienced advisor who is committed to offering you the best service there is.

A flexible structure that quickly meets your requests

Since you can’t always plan everything in advance… Since things often come up unexpectedly… Since you can’t let yourself be taken by surprise, we do all we can to respond to your requests as promptly as possible.

24-hour delivery service or same-day service (upon request)

Since time is money, we offer fast (24-hour) or express (same-day) delivery that gets you the products you need when you need them.